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London Search & Rescue,

Metropolitan Police Hayes Sports Club

The Warren

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About Us

London Search and Rescue is a charitable organisation, that assists the police in the search for vulnerable missing people. Our members make themselves available 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a Week and 365 Days a Year. Our volunteer members are spread throughout London and sometimes beyond, giving us the broadest level of cover across the London area

The team is a new from 2017 with experienced searchers from other SAR teams and has continued to train searchers to national standards so as to assist not only the Metropolitan Police but other search teams as well.


Vulnerable people go missing for all sorts of reasons. They can be confused, elderly people suffering from dementia who wander out of their homes, people with mental health issues – particularly those who are at risk of suicide – or they can be young people who are distressed or disturbed and therefore at risk of self-harm or harm from others. It is vital – indeed often life-saving – that they are found quickly before threats to their well-being become a reality.


In both rural and urban areas, the kind of support that London Search and Rescue can provide is invaluable to the police and rescue services. Our teams of highly trained searchers and specialist dogs and qualified handlers provide a resource which can locate missing persons quickly and effectively. For families, too, our presence is a reassurance that everything possible is being done to help locate their loved one.

London Search and Rescue is a member unit of the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue (Lowland Rescue).

At a local level, London Search and Rescue are working on establishing an excellent relationship with the local Police Authority and London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade, RNLI and HM Coastguard.


London Search and Rescue are always looking to recruit more volunteers and local knowledge can be extremely helpful for a successful search. Click here to find out more Join us


Lowland Rescue is a charitable organisation dedicated to assisting the emergency services in the search for and rescue of vulnerable missing persons.


Lowland Rescue’s national role is to coordinate adequate arrangements for Search and Rescue services in the Lowland areas of the United Kingdom.

Click here Lowland Rescue to find out more about Lowland Rescue.