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London Search & Rescue,

Metropolitan Police Hayes Sports Club

The Warren

Croydon Road

Hayes, Kent



Tel: 0203 637 8838



(Emergency Services Only)

Vacancies Available Now

We are recruiting NOW throughout the team in all roles.

We  welcome new members of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and from locations throughout London and beyond.

Search Team Member

Search Team training can be very intense and will cost you in time and money. Due to the nature of live searching, recruits need to be physically able and fit. However, the rewards are great once you have trained and participated in a live search to save somebody.


No specific skills are needed to join, as we provide training recognized to a national standard. Commitment, enthusiasm and the ability to work as part of a team are more important. There are some basic minimum standards that people must attain during the initial training and assessment process, and upon completion of these, they will become a member of the search team.


There are some opportunities for Operational and Non-Operational members.


Team roles are critical to the structure of London Search & Rescue. All members work operationally in teams.


The basic requirement for each member is to be a trained and qualified Search Technician [ST].


Beyond that member can optionally join any of the specialist teams, and therefore London SAR provides training so that members Operate in rolls listed below.


  • Vehicle Operator

  • Public Relations Specialist

  • Recruitment

  • Experienced fundraiser


Volunteer Supporter

Volunteer Supporters help by easing the burden for our Search Team at training and fundraising events. Whatever your level of ability, there are opportunities to help as a Volunteer Supporter

Click Here for more information on becoming a LONSAR Volunteer Supporter



London SAR Friends assist the Search Team by performing administration duties, as well as helping at training and fundraising events. Friends will be required to provide more time and cost (travel and sustenance) than Volunteer Supporters and will be vetted before acceptance.


Click Here   for more information on becoming a LONSAR Friend