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Mountain Bike Search Team

London SAR is in the process of developing a Mountain Bike Search team and we are looking for experienced bikers to join the team. Bike search teams are a key requirement for some searches.

This team is made up of Lowland Rescue Search Technicians that have also qualified as a Mountain Bike Search Technician, having successfully completed the Bike Team course.

A Mountain Bike Team is often deployed to search along routes in order to cover considerable distances quickly or to catch up with a missing person that may be ahead of them.

The Mountain Bike Teams are especially useful for searching particular locations as well as to cover certain types of terrain, as well as great distances more quickly than foot teams.

A major asset of the Mountain Bike Team is to be able to quickly deploy crime scene, medical and safety equipment to foot, bank, dog and boat teams as well as seizing clues or evidence.

This team is made up of two people…