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Lowland Rescue Search Operations


Overall responsibility for managing the search activity to implement the search plan.

The Search Operations works in the Control Point [CP] with the Control Vehicle as their base in support of the Lowland Rescue Search Manager and Kent Police Search Advisors (POLSA).

The function of the Search Planner includes:

  • make sure all members in attendance are signed in & out

  • manage radio communications or use a Radio Controller

  • operate all mapping and search related software systems

  • to monitor availability and allocation of resources

  • record all communications between control, search teams and other resources

The Search Operations will manage the setup of the Control Point; site and start the generator for power, connect and raise the radio antennae, start up the computer, setup a cordon around the control point, make sure safety equipment is ready for issue to search teams (to be signed in & out by each search team). The Logistics Officer will assist or take over this function if available.

Once the search plan has been received from the Lowland Rescue Search Planner the Search Operations will arrange the resources available into Search Teams allocate search activities from the plan to each team.

The Search Planner will also provide a briefing to each team regarding the details of the missing person, the situation, what search activity will be taking place and to make sure they are fit for deployment.

As search teams return from each search activity the Search Planner will organise a de-brief of that activity for the Search Planner and stand down or redeploy the team with another search activity.

Should the missing person be found the Search Planner will coordinate the rescue of them to a suitable place of safety where they can receive appropriate care and attention. This usually involves passing the missing person to the Ambulance Service or the Police.

The Search Operations may also be one of the official drivers that collects the Control Vehicle from its secure storage location, drives it to the search and returns it back to storage at the end of the search.



  • Search Technician

  • Team Leader

  • Relent experience

Holding both the Search Planner and Search Operations qualifications makes the holder a Search Manager.