Why do we need your help?


We are a Registered Charity (No. 1157836) consisting of a dedicated team of volunteers and funded entirely by donations.


Base annual operating costs of approx. £10,000 – £15,000 for recent years have been met primarily by the efforts of our members who assist with the marshalling of events for other charities, assist with community events, organising fundraising opportunities, undertaking sponsored events, holding collections at public outlets and giving talks to groups such as The Rotary, Round Table, Women’s Institute and similar.


We do need to raise more than this as there are many minor and major items of equipment that we need to replace or buy, some urgently.


For example, in the very near future, we will need to replace our control vehicle. The cost of a new fully fitted control vehicle will be circa £60.000. Please note that members do not receive any expenses or financial benefit.


If you are not physically able to help on searches then you can still assist us in other ways, perhaps by becoming a Patron and helping us acquire necessary equipment.


We also need people to help with advertising and fundraising.


We are incredibly grateful to everyone that supports London Search And Rescue.


Who can help and how?


There are many ways everyone can help us.


Whether you are an Individual, a Group or Corporate Entity there are many ways you can support London Search And Rescue, here’s how:


Donate Online or by Post
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Join and become an operational member Vacancy’s Available Now
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